Means writing something or copying from one media to another as writing on paper while somebody is speaking or dictating something

It's really a difficult task as a person has to understand which topic the speaker is speaking of. The person who is writing is known as the" TRANSCRIPTIONIST " and Person who is speaking or dictating is known as " TRANSCRIBER. "

There are many Type of Transcription's like (i). Legal - (ii). General and Business (iii). Medical

General Transcription : These are audio and video files where a person is speaking in a conference. General Transcriptionist listens to them by playing files on his/her computer, try to understand what the conference person is saying, and write on that topic. These types of dictations do not need special training or certification. Only good ears and typing skills are enough to get started. TV forecasting companies, insurance companies, book publishers, business consultants, online marketers, and speakers take this type of services.

Legal Transcription : This serves basically to lawyers. In this type of dictation, there are letters to clients, other attorneys, judges, court clerks, agencies, legal pleadings, public and private inquiries, tribunals, civil court, criminal court cases, and any other type of court hearings.

Medical Transcription


This service is used by physicians, clinics, and hospitals. A special training and certification is needed for transcribing medical records such as patient histories, operative reports, clinical notes, and laboratory reports. All the work must be done in a specific turnaround time (TAT) with highest accuracy and format given by them.

Its a Outsourcing Business need highest Perfection & Time Accuracy .

Career Training

Types of Training

Offline: Join any institute, check your comfort of time and place nearby you, get fee structure, timing of class, and get enrolled.

Online Medical Transcription Training

Become medical transcriptionist online: Study at home and join distance learning program.

Medical Transcription From Home

How to do it from home, what type of study materials, jobs, prospectus, future, and how to get enrolled in the training program?

Medical Transcription Companies

We have listed some of the outsourcing companies and transcriptionist institutes operating in different states of INDIA. We have also provided a list of Fraud Brokers & Fraud Companies involved in Scams.

Several type of Medical Transcriptionist Training Program is offered by centers all over the country. In all the programs, the main purpose is to get through Medical Terminology & they all have almost common Course Material

We also Share free medical transcription tutorials : Consists of module by chapters on Human Physiology & Medicine, English Usage and Grammar Guidelines in MT, Diagnostic Tests, Training Audio Files, Transcribed Reports, Resources & Indexes, and Abbreviations. It will make clear about sample transcription reports used in industry.

After Understanding some of this outsourcing works in India .

How to Start Medical Transcription

Business - By opening a company or MT from home or training institutes. Before thinking, read medical transcription process.

Why does this outsourcing business come from other countries to INDIA? How much big space is needed? Where from we can get transcription work, medical transcribers, and quality analyst?

To get work, we have to approach direct clients from USA. Work must be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. This is also known as HIPAA Medical Transcription. This is really an important term to understand it.

There are many features provided to USA-based doctors and hospitals such as Telephone Dictation Service and Digital Voice Recorder .

What are medical transcription software in industry are Freeware - Open Source - Licensed?

We also provide tool for medical transcription productivity this is software can be used in-house to increase daily line count and get maximum output from the same work work . This makes them to work as a Team.

The medical transcription equipment used by doctors & what we need for transcribing - Product Roles - How to use them - From where to buy or order online in INDIA.

We also offer sample files for students to make them understand of the many types of transcription voice & dictated reports made by Quality Analysts.

Get Information on Medical Billing and Coding Information and its cutting edge of information technology used in health information field for converting the physician's note into codes & billing to patients for insurance companies.

We also doing Social Awareness about Breast Cancer News and Mesothelioma Cancer.

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